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Why Choose an Online Therapist with an In-Person Location

Telehealth can trace its roots back to the invention of the telephone. At that point, people could call their doctors to get some medical advice. In recent decades, communication technology has advanced significantly, and telehealth has become more prominent as a result.

Online Therapist

In what may come as a surprise to many people, online therapy has led this movement toward telehealth. With online therapy - or teletherapy - people can gain the benefits of talk therapy with the convenience of online access. While there are many benefits of online-only therapy, many patients worry about the lack of in-person connection to their providers.

At PCPA, we are proud to offer the best of both worlds. Patients can choose between the convenience and accessibility of teletherapy or the unmatch connection of in-office visits. Importantly, patients can choose which type of appointment they want each time they book with us. Choosing an online therapist who is backed by a brick-and-mortar clinic can provide you a number of benefits.

Backed by a Team of Clinicians

PCPA has several locations, each of which has providers for both therapy and psychiatry. If you and your therapist believe you may need medication, your therapist can easily connect you with a trusted psychiatrist or advanced nurse practitioner. This creates a mental health care team that can work together to help you.

Establish an In-Person Rapport

In-office therapy appointments cannot match the convenience and accessibility of online therapy. However, anyone who has video chatted with a loved one who they missed can tell you that sometimes there’s no substitute for in-person communication. When you choose an online therapist with an in-person option, you get to have the best of both worlds.

Some patients decide to attend a few sessions in-person at first, just so they can get to know their therapists better. Then they can transfer to online appointments for more convenience when they have established a good rapport.

Book the Appointment You Need When You Need It

Once you decide between mostly online or mostly in-person appointments, you still have the option to change when you need to. Some patients have almost entirely telehealth appointments, but then lean on in-person visits when they need the additional connection to talk about a difficult topic. Finally, some people prefer in-office therapy, but utilize teletherapy options when they are away from home.

When you book an appointment with an online therapist at PCPA, you get the backing of a full clinic of professionals and the flexibility you need to make therapy fit into your life. Contact us today to get started.

Disclaimer: The posts on this blog are for informational purposes only and do not replace direct care from your mental health care provider. Contact your mental health care provider for specific questions or concerns about your own mental health. All posts are copyrighted, and the views expressed on this blog are representative of the opinions of Pacific Coast Psychiatric Associates (PCPA) as an organization.


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