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Online scheduling for therapy and med follow-up appointments now available through the AMD Patient Portal.  View participating clinicians here. Access step-by-step instructions here.

Important Note: You may receive an invitation to set up your new AMD portal account as early as May 22, 2023.  If you set up your AMD portal account, please do not message your provider there until 6/1. Continue to message your provider in the current patient portal until 5/31.

AMD Portal Transition Information

We are excited to announce that we have begun transitioning to a new Patient Portal powered through AdvancedMD (AMD). This new EHR and Patient Portal will fully integrate PCPA into the Lifestance Health family of practices, and allow us to continue to provide excellent care and customer service in the most collaborative and secure manner possible for our patients. 

We will be systematically transitioning patients based on provider caseload from 11/1/22 through 5/1/23 (estimated date of our final transition). During this period, some patients will remain on the myPCPA portal, and some will exclusively us the AMD patient portal. You will still be able to message your provider, the office, pay your bills, and access important documents through the AMD patient portal.

We are sure you have many questions about this transition, hopefully you will find the answers below. If you still have any questions or concerns regarding the new Patient Portal or AMD in general, please feel free to contact our offices at (925)360.5264 or send us a message through your patient portal.

Patient Portal FAQ Resources

Which portal should I be accessing?

Please check for your provider(s) on the list below to determine which portal you should access. 

How can I access the AMD Patient Portal?

Use this link to access the AMD Patient portal, or scan the QR code to the right.

Note: For patients who's providers have not yet transitioned, please continue to access the myPCPA portal at


How do I use the new AMD Patient Portal?

The AdvancedMD patient portal is user friendly, secure and easy to access. However, if you need additional help, please download the user guide below. 

Download AMD Patient Portal User Guide

How do I access my provider's Virtual Waiting Room?

This process has not changed! You can still find and access your provider's Virtual Waiting room here

Can I schedule appointments through the AMD patient portal?

Yes! We now offer online scheduling through the AdvancedMD Patient Portal for therapy and med follow-up appointments for PCPA patients starting Monday, 3/20!  You can access step-by-step instructions here.

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