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Shawn Hersevoort, MD

My approach to treatment can best be understood by following the course of my education. I first studied biochemistry, where I learned to appreciate the importance of rigorous clinical research, ongoing education, and the power of medications. I then studied clinical psychology, where the focus was on understanding relationships, personalities, and cultures. Medical school taught me about the structure of the mind and body and how neither can flourish while the other flounders. Public health taught me to factor culture and economics into care, making sure that people have an appreciation and understanding of their symptoms as well as the means with which to access treatment. Residency taught me how to bring all of this together in order to listen to, and understand, the needs of patients in order to work with them to produce a treatment plan that fits their unique needs. My focus is on whole person health involving not only traditional medication and psychotherapy approaches, but also balanced diet, exercise, and sleep.

Philippe Levy, MD

Modern medicine tends to put patients into boxes. The world of “medical” conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer becomes separated from “psychiatric” conditions like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. I believe that this separation is artificial and harmful. When our chronic medical conditions become unmanageable, our mental health may suffer — and vice versa. Through years of providing both direct medical and psychiatric care, I’ve developed a core philosophy of treatment for the whole person: an open-minded, compassionate, trauma-informed, and medically-oriented approach to mental health.

After my undergraduate degree in Classics at UC Berkeley, I received my M.D. degree from UC Davis School of Medicine here in Sacramento. I stayed at UC Davis for a 5-year residency program in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry. One of only about a dozen such programs nationally, I completed all the necessary training to become a general primary care or hospital-based Internal Medicine physician while simultaneously completing a Psychiatry residency program. This specialized training has allowed me to break down barriers between traditional medical and psychiatric treatments, as well as to reduce stigma and improve access to mental health care services. I strive to place my patients in the center of their health care journey across the spectrum of their experiences, and to integrate their mental health care within their chronic medical conditions.

Here at LifeStance, my multidisciplinary treatment approach can include psychiatric medication management, psychotherapy (cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic therapy), mindfulness, and care coordination with your primary care physician. I have significant experience providing care through Telehealth platforms, and I especially appreciate the convenience for my patients.

Ben Schwartzman, LCSW

Are you finding it difficult to move forward with your life, not where you want to be, or want to develop skills to achieve your goals? It is often not easy to seek support, however you're already showing a tremendous amount of courage by considering therapy. I believe individuals have unique needs, and I bring both my experience and collaborative skills into treatment. I am dedicated to, and extremely passionate about assisting people to develop more meaning, success, and pleasure in their life. I enjoy working through a strength-based and collaborative approach to help people recognize challenges, identify treatment goals, and develop skills to improve the quality of your life.

Shannon Suo, MD

I completed my undergraduate studies at UC Davis with a BS in Zoology, focused on behavior. I attended University of Cincinnati School of Medicine for my medical degree and came back to Sacramento for a combined residency in Family Medicine and Psychiatry. I chose the combined practice of Family Medicine and Psychiatry because I saw the impact that psychological concerns had on the health of individuals and how often primary care physicians were not prepared to understand or treat these problems. I maintain Board Certification in both Family Medicine and Adult Psychiatry. I have worked in academic medicine for the past 11 years and have published in the areas of cultural psychiatry, personality disorders, geriatric medicine, pain medicine, and psychopharmacology while also teaching and seeing patients. I see adults of all ages and specialize in treating those with complex medical and psychiatric problems, including people from diverse backgrounds who may not have familiarity with the Western concepts of and approaches to psychiatric illness. I believe in a "whole person" approach to mental health and like to coordinate with other health providers in the care of my patients.

Anastasia Titova, LPCC

As a licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC) I have received comprehensive training in evidence-based psychological modalities, including traditional cognitive-behavioral theories as well as mindfulness, DBT and expressive art therapy techniques. I utilize trauma-informed holistic approaches in my practice, and have treated individuals experiencing a wide range of difficulties, such as depression, anxiety, psychosis, personality disorders, life crises and psychological trauma. I specialize in anxiety reduction, stress management and conflict resolution.

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