Linda Sherman, LMFT


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I believe it is in the relationship between client and therapist that healing and change happen, based on mutual respect and a trust that develops between us.


Linda Sherman, LMFT

I also believe that you have all the answers already inside of you, and I as the therapist, help you to realize them and apply them in your life. I am committed to you and offer excellent therapy, support, and assistance to meet your needs and your goals. I am both interactive and conversational, which lends itself to comfort and safety to explore and trust in the therapeutic process. Depending upon your needs, I use a blend of therapies in both short term, and long term therapy, in a uniquely positive coaching and interpersonal style. I do not shy away from exposing my own thoughts, feelings and vulnerability in helping you when it is appropriate and helpful in realizing your goals. I utilize a variety of therapies in my toolbox of skills that I tailor to each and every individual. I do come from an existential perspective in the awareness of our human existence, individuality, and our limitless possibilities to heal, thrive and have a peaceful heart in living, and in life. In this way I can guide you to your goals, and help you embrace and find meaning in life. While I work with men, couples and teenagers, my special interest and strength is in working with women across our transitional life cycles and the challenges we face. I am a committed therapist for the well being of you, as well as a passionate artist. In light of this I have the ability to use expressive therapies when helpful in your journey of healing, growth and change. I realize that therapy is challenging and takes courage to engage in. I am absolutely with you every step of the way in this amazing journey. This creates a space for change to happen in a safe and trusting way. I am continually touched by the trust my clients offer to me and I honor it deeply. I look forward to meeting you, and working with you.

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist with a doctorate in psychology, graduating more than two decades ago. I am also a registered dietitian practicing medical nutrition therapy, and a yoga and fitness instructor. I practice mindfulness and meditation daily. I love to hike and walk with my dog, Hazelnut, as well as paint, and create daily.

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Linda Sherman, LMFT

I only met Linda yesterday and felt immediately comfortable speaking with her about the troubles I've been having. She was warm, inviting and extremely present. Never once did I feel as if I only had a fraction of Linda's attention. She was more than attentive and I knew she was as present in our session as she could be. I did ALL of the talking yesterday and I truly look forward to my next appointment in which I'm able to talk WITH Linda and hear more from her in order to begin my personal process healing process.

Linda is amazing - extremely supportive and equanimous, meaning she keeps us on track through our most heated/difficult moments/issues and is really good and making sure we both feel supported, i.e., even if an issue is primarily caused by one person, she is careful to also show where the other person could have handled things better. She is also very responsive, making herself available next-day if we feel we need to work through a particularly acute issue.

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