Jodie NewDelman, PsyD



Licensed since 1997, I have supported a wide variety of clientele across the lifespan.


Jodie NewDelman, PsyD

Whether working with children, adolescents, adults, families or geriatrics, treatment planning stems from thorough information gathering. An analysis of personal development, ingrained patterns, family systems and trauma inform sessions and are often uniquely relevant to problems in daily functioning. Patients typically arrive in psychotherapy when low or erratic mood, obsessions, compulsions, or other problematic behaviors have had a negative impact on family life, social life, and work life. Those struggling with depression, anxiety and adjustment issues may benefit from an exploration of family of origin dynamics. Others will need a more directed and solution-focused approach. Regardless, I commit to my patients a deep sense of cultural sensitivity and a respect for meeting them where there are developmentally, emotionally, and situationally. Viewing each patient as their own expert is essential. I also place a high value on working on a multidisciplinary integrative team. When appropriate and with patient approval, collaboration with patients’ other practitioners can be extremely helpful for both “continuity of care' and a “whole-person' therapeutic approach. The aim of my practice is to cultivate a safe space where increased insight and adaptive personal resources can develop. This is the case whether patients are facing situational stress, anxiety, depression, Asperger’s syndrome, learning differences, psychosis, or behavioral issues resulting in health problems, addiction and/or forensic involvement. In healthcare, understanding the emotional and behavioral contributors to disease or disorder is challenging. I am a strong proponent of lifestyle medicine, an approach aimed at decreasing risk and contending with chronic (or potentially chronic) physical and mental illness. Activating and committing to improved self-care and lifestyle change goes hand in hand with psychological treatment. Being passionate about this holistic strength-based framework, I consequently divide my work life between clinical psychotherapy and healthcare consulting.

I earned my undergraduate degree from American University and my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology with a proficiency in neuropsychology. My post-doctoral hours were acquired at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute working with psychiatrists and medical geneticists researching family clustering of autism spectrum disorders and ADD. I look forward to learning about you and working together.

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Jodie NewDelman, PsyD

I really appreciated Dr. NewDelman's patience and experience. They were highly adept at making me feel comfortable and made me feel heard instead of judged.

She is dynamic and engaging!

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