Elissa Klein, LCSW


My approach to therapy is embodied in the quote by Shunryu Suzuki: 'Each of you is perfect the way you are...and you can use a little improvement.'


Elissa Klein, LCSW

My approach to therapy is embodied in the quote by Shunryu Suzuki: Each of you is perfect the way you are...and you can use a little improvement. This means that I will help you to work through any shame you feel about your perceived problems so that you can integrate the self-awareness that we will together uncover. I work with patients either long term or short term, depending on each person’s individual goals. I specialize in treating struggles with intimacy/isolation, addiction and compulsive behaviors, impulse control, anxiety, anger management, trauma and sexuality/sexual behavior. I am highly attuned to emotional experience and will help you to understand how unmet emotional needs contribute to negative or destructive thoughts and/or behaviors and how self-acceptance lights the way to deeper connections with others. I am flexible in which techniques I employ, depending on the client’s goals and personality, and am practiced in psychodynamic psychotherapy, CBT, Gestalt, mindfulness practice and solution-oriented psychotherapy.

I earned my Master’s in Social Welfare with a focus in mental health from UC Berkeley. I have worked for 12 years in an outpatient setting that specialized in helping clients change destructive behaviors and recover from addiction and compulsivity.

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Elissa Klein, LCSW

Elissa is more than a “good listener”. She helps me focus on the root cause of the issue and then provides useful insights and tools I can use to get past the roadblock. I feel heard and helped.

Elissa is an amazing therapist. She listens well and provides very helpful feedback. You can tell that she is a very caring person with the best intentions.

[Elissa Klein] is very helpful and is always on my side. She pushes me. I would recommend her.

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