Katherine Chemodurow Kelley, MD


My practice style revolves around comprehensive psychiatric care. I try to take into consideration all aspects of the client -- including medical issues, family and relationship issues, occupational issues, and spiritual issues.


Katherine Chemodurow Kelley, MD

I tailor each unique treatment plan to the client. I believe psychiatric medications and psychotherapy ('talk therapy') are both valid and effective approaches to treatment. Often, combining medications with therapy will yield the best, swiftest results. I am trained in various therapy modalities, including CBT (cognitive behavior therapy), solution-oriented therapy, psychodynamic therapy, Jungian therapy, and others.

My educational background consists of a Biochemistry B.S. at the University of Arizona, followed by medical school at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, followed by a 4-year residency program in Adult Psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina.

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Katherine Chemodurow Kelley, MD

She is very empathetic, and understanding of issues at a more holistic level. I appreciate a doctor who doesn't rely solely on medicine and attempts to treat the person, not the problem.

Dr. Kelley is very patient, compassionate, and takes her time to thoroughly listen to your concerns, and establishes a treatment plan which both parties have jointly agreed on. I am never fearful to ask her any question or report any side effect. She has always been very professional and kind with me. I greatly appreciate the help she continues to provide.

Dr Chemodurow is caring and patient. She is always well prepared and punctual for our appointments.

Very supportive and offers solid interventions.

Dr. Chemodurow is amazing. She's highly knowledgeable and keeps on top of current research. She treats me as a whole person, not just a disorder. She coordinates with my other providers. I would recommend her service to anyone.

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