Scott Siskind, MD


I'm a psychiatrist based in the San Francisco and Walnut Creek offices.



Scott Siskind, MD

My main specialty is biological psychiatry and psychopharmacology - but I'm a firm believer that this has to be done in the context of a good therapeutic relationship and holistic understanding of people's psychological and social situations. I try to stay up to date on the constantly-changing evidence for different medications and non-medication options.I'm especially interested in working with people with treatment-resistant depression. This can be a very challenging condition, but I think that with enough perseverance, willingness to try new things, and a tight feedback loop between psychiatrist and patient, there's a lot of potential to improve even the most difficult cases.I also work to guide people who are interested in integrative medicine like mindfulness and dietary supplements. These can run the gamut from 'completely useless' to 'basically proven', and it's important for doctors to be both open-minded enough to be able to talk about these with patients, and well-informed enough to give good advice about which ones are most likely to work. I look forward to working with anyone who thinks I can be of help to them.

Before settling on medicine, I studied philosophy, taught elementary school, lived in Japan, and worked in a startup. I decided on psychiatry in part because of my own struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and did my MD at University College Cork in Ireland and my residency at St. Mary Mercy Hospital in Michigan.

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Scott Siskind, MD

Dr Siskind is very patient and helpful. He make sure to discuss options and processes with me anytime I have a question.

He's very calm and serene which allays my nervousness. He also has ideas for things to try if the current regimen doesn't work well enough. He always makes sure I have hope.

Dr Siskind is thorough and responsive both to medication reaction and patient input.

Dr Siskind is intelligent and invested; I feel I'm getting quality advice and treatment from him.

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2970 Camino Diablo Suite 300 Walnut Creek CA 94597

490 Post Street Suite 1043 San Francisco CA 94102

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