Nicholas Salazar, MD


Transcultural Psychiatrist, understanding personal experience within its social context and tailoring culturally appropriate, self-driven interventions with the latest available medical treatment.



Nicholas Salazar, MD

I was born in Colombia and the passion for psychiatry has driven my life. I went to medical school in Bogota- Colombia, following my interest in Transcultural Psychiatry worked for the University of Guadalajara in Mexico and assisted to McGill University in Montreal. I completed residency in general psychiatry in the University of Virginia, while collaborating with the International Rescue Committee as mental health provider. I have centered my practice in the development of interventions congruent with people’s environment and advocating for parity in the delivery and access to services.

I have worked as a general psychiatrist in multiple settings including outpatient services, correctional facilities, rehabilitation facilities, native communities, public health, emergency services and learned through my experience the path of recovery should be personalized and self driven. I am fluent in English, Spanish and with patience French. My areas of professional development include migrant mental health, acute/ chronic trauma, PTSD, personality disorders and LGBTQQI mental health.

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Nicholas Salazar, MD

Friendly, funny, helpful.

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490 Post Street Suite 801 San Francisco CA 94102

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English, Spanish, French

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