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Making the decision to start therapy is a big deal. But for therapy to work, it's important to find the right therapist who can help you get from where you are in your life now to where you'd like to be. The right "fit" matters.



Eva Rubin, LCSW

My approach is to partner with you to navigate the difficult life experiences and relational patterns that get in the way of where you'd like to be. Even if you don't know exactly where that is yet, but know you're not there - that's something we can work on together. I check in with you each time we meet to make sure our work fits with what matters to you. We go at your pace. We focus on your strengths and help you develop effective and doable self-care and inter-personal skills that raise your capacity to function at higher levels. Therapy can help you weather the storms when you're overwhelmed by life circumstances, and it can also help you optimize your mindset to feel your best: connected, authentic, and vibrant.

I have about 10 years of experience as an LCSW that includes working with infants and their caregivers, young children and adolescents, and adults. I've been in private practice working with adult professionals, as well providing forensic assessments and treatment for Victims of Crime. I've also worked with families in the Child Welfare System and with inmates in State Correctional facilities.I am certified to practice OEI (Observed Experiential Integration), a physiological approach to treating trauma similar to EMDR. I am also certified in PST (Problem Solving Treatment), an evidence-based medical model to treat depression and anxiety. In addition, I am a licensed and certified massage therapist, and integrate a mind-body approach to work with trauma, depression, and anxiety symptoms more effectively.

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Eva Rubin, LCSW

Eva Rubin is an incredibly perceptive, kind, and helpful therapist. Quite simply, she's the best therapist I've had! She and I have been communicating via video appointment which I wasn't sure how I would like that but it's been a great experience. She's excellent at reading me even over video and in seeing things in my responses that I hadn't noticed were here. In just a short amount of time, I feel like I've made real progress.

Uncovered ways of looking at myself that I hadn't known before.

My experience with Eva has been only positive. She is easy to work with and I always feel very comfortable.

She has been very knowledgeable, understanding and caring

Dr. Rubin quickly created trust between us and I am extremely appreciate of the tangible tactics and strategies she teaches me in order to help with the anxiety and depression that I experience.

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