Heather Helmke, PsyD


Life is full of challenges and chaotic, unexpected events that can be quite impactful to daily functioning.



Heather Helmke, PsyD

It can be hard to meaningfully connect with others in today’s fast paced, technologically reliant world. Traumatic experiences may cause one to withdraw and isolate from relationships and the environment, or can possibly lead one to engage in self-destructive behaviors. Therapy is a tool that helps when feeling stuck or overwhelmed, whether those feelings are created from underlying anxiety, depression, trauma, loss/grief, relationship issues, stress, or issues with self-esteem. I provide a safe space to develop an understanding of how stressors impact the mind and body, and I teach techniques that have been empirically validated to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression and release trauma from the body. My office is also a safe and affirming place for those who identify on the LGBTQIA spectrum.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY27261), and I received my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from The Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. I have experience working in the fields of addiction/harm reduction, crisis and trauma, and child and family therapy. I provide an eclectic style of relational and psychodynamic therapy that incorporates mindfulness techniques with somatic and holistic therapeutic approaches to create balance in the mind and body, and to calm the neurological system in order to alleviate feelings of distress. Through collaboration in a safe and supportive environment, strengths are identified, and I will work with you to create lasting, positive changes in your life. Together we can develop goals to help you live a more richly integrated, fulfilling, and productive life.

I additionally have spent over a decade working with children and adolescents who are experiencing difficulties related to underlying anxiety, depression, trauma, or other adjustment issues. Whether I connect through play with younger clients, or an adolescent’s personal interests, I support healthy child development through attunement and relational connection. I work on building skills and developing language for effectively sharing one’s internal experience, and help to identify resources of safety and support. I work with adolescents to act instead of react, and help facilitate making intentional choices in service of reaching identified goals as well as modeling more effective problem-solving strategies.

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Heather Helmke, PsyD

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