David Godot, PsyD


I'm a licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in psychological diagnosis and treatment for adults and teens.


David Godot, PsyD

I often work with people for whom therapy hasn't worked in the past. I'm trained in many different techniques and approaches, and so I always want to custom-tailor the treatment to fit the personality style, strengths, and needs of the individual. I focus on addressing the root causes of the issue, not just the symptoms that have emerged as a result. I’m particularly passionate about helping trauma survivors. I have extensive experience in helping people to resolve the effects of early trauma, and have worked with combat veterans both within the VA system and in private practice. I’m experienced in the treatment of the mood disturbances, anxiety, PTSD, dissociative disorders, and relational problems which often result from trauma. I love helping people who feel chronically misunderstood -- such as those with eccentric personalities, unusual styles of thinking, psychotic experiences, or Aspergers syndrome. Above all, I love working with people who are hungry for change and ready to take action to improve their lives. People who are fed up with feeling stuck and want to develop a more meaningful, fulfilling style of living.

I earned my Master's degree in Counseling Psychology and my Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Adler University in Chicago, IL. My clinical training was very broad-based, taking place across a variety of settings — the Diamond Headache Clinic, Chicago Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital, the Veterans Administration health system, a specialty private practice focused on mind-body medicine and diagnostically complex cases, and at Center for Discovery's residential mental health program for adolescents. I have a special interest in clinical hypnosis, and have served in leadership roles in several national and international scientific societies and journals related to this topic.

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David Godot, PsyD

My experience working with Dr. Godot has been key in the disruption of negative patterns in my life. Our work is more like a deep tissue massage than an hour at the spa, but I'm grateful for the ways he has pushed me to address issues I tend to avoid.

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